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Gary Still10:39 AM on April 30, 20243 min read

Three Cheers for Mastering Digital Transformation

Welcome to the world of enterprise-wide transformation. In our opinion, a successful transition to a digital platform is founded on 4 core pillars: Strategy, Processes, Solutions and People. Aligning IT strategy with core business objectives is mission critical, and these need to be supported and brought to life by fit-for-purpose solutions and skilled individuals with the right mindset to embrace change.  When embarking on an S/4HANA migration and transformation project, organisations need to think about:

  • Harmonisation of the System & Application Landscape: Where things get done
  • Optimisation of Business Processes: How things get done
  • Effective Change Management: Continuously improve and innovate

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), Business Process Management & Optimisation (BPM/BPO) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) form the robust framework all organisations need to deliver digital transformation successfully.

From strategy to execution, 3 tools fit the bill for S/4 HANA transformations:

Imagine you are local government, and you are tasked with transforming an old run down, decaying industrial town into a vibrant, future-proof city. LeanIX (EAM) is like the strategic planning department where its role is to determine what this new city will look like, making decisions on knocking down old buildings, renovating or building new housing, infrastructure, facilities, roads etc.

Now consider SAP Signavio (BPM/BPO) as the transport department, taking care of optimising traffic flows, bus routes etc – ensuring people and things can get from A to B efficiently and that services run on time. A traffic jam would be like a process bottleneck, for eg.

SAP Cloud ALM (ALM) on the other hand acts as the operations department, responsible for overseeing the actual construction, maintaining infrastructure, making improvements, and generally monitoring the city’s vital signs. What are you left with? A city where people want to live, work and visit. This is the future your organisation must become.

The SAP Transformation Suite aims to combine all 3 disciplines into 'one process'. LeanIX, SAP Signavio and SAP Cloud ALM offer a powerful combination for businesses seeking to strengthen the capabilities of their systems and applications, optimise the processes which run on them, and efficiently manage lifecycles. This synergy helps organisations fulfil their business strategies, resulting in better outcomes, and enhancing performance, risk management, and decision-making capabilities.

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LeanIX and SAP Signavio Integration:

From an integration standpoint, there is already significant integration between LeanIX and SAP Signavio, even before the acquisition of LeanIX by SAP. Data can be synchronised between the 2 systems with bi-directional content. Process flows and changes made to them are stored in LeanIX as fact sheets, while LeanIX applications are stored in the SAP Signavio dictionary and can be used in process modelling. Clicking on an application in a process model will jump you straight to LeanIX so that you can not only view applications in the context of process flows, but also integration points within the context of overall system and application architecture.

Although Cloud ALM does not currently boast this level of integration, process models can still be ingested by Cloud ALM for process modelling, however, senior Signavio management has confirmed greater toolchain integration, which underscores SAP’s commitment to delivering continuous enhancements to what we believe is an already indispensable ALM platform for the digital era. Watch this space.

Key benefits:

  • Holistic View of Business Processes and IT LandscapeSAP Signavio and LeanIX integration provides invaluable transparency of how business processes are supported by the IT landscape and helps to ensure alignment with business objectives.
  • Enhanced Implementation and Lifecycle ManagementSAP Cloud ALM, when integrated with SAP Signavio, can facilitate smoother implementations of SAP solutions by ensuring the solution build and deployment are optimally aligned to support business processes.
  • Risk Reduction and ComplianceThese tools collectively can help in identifying and mitigating risks associated with process changes and IT transformations. Compliance requirements can be more easily managed through the visibility provided by the integrated toolset.
  • Data-Driven Decision MakingThe integration of these 3 tools provides the detailed insights into processes, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle, needed for organisations to confidently make more informed decisions.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The integration of these tools can help reduce costs by optimising processes, eliminating redundancies and aligning IT investments better with the needs of the Business.
  • Agile Change ManagementThis integration facilitates effective change management where LeanIX provides the architectural view, SAP Signavio gives the process perspective, while changes are tested, implemented and managed effectively with SAP Cloud ALM.

With LeanIX, SAP Signavio and SAP Cloud ALM making up the core components of SAP's transformation suite, you have the right tools to manage your migration project and beyond. Want to know how to get the best out of them? Get in touch with us today.