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Jose Cabrita12:00 PM on April 23, 20243 min read

Future-Proof Your ALM: Transitioning to SAP Cloud

Running a smooth transition to SAP Cloud ALM

Welcome back to another SAP Cloud ALM blog, on this second part of the transition topic we will be giving you recommendations based on the main functionalities that customers would be wondering on how to move data across. In case you missed Part I, here you can get a quick update here.

Doing a quick recap from the previous blog, we mentioned that transitioning to SAP Cloud ALM represents a strategic move for organizations looking to optimize their application lifecycle management (ALM) processes, particularly for those operating within or moving towards a cloud or hybrid SAP environment. SAP Cloud ALM as a cloud-native design offers a streamlined of functionalities suitable for cloud and hybrid environments.

Moving to a flexible SAP Application Lifecycle Management tool will be determined on your current activities within SAP Solution Manager and your anticipated future usage of SAP Cloud ALM. Therefore, becoming acquainted with SAP Cloud ALM at the earliest can significantly smooth the transition process.

If you are worrying about how to transition the main functionalities you use on SAP Solution Manager, check our recommendations:

Solution Documentation

Transition involves re-engineering and simplifying existing ALM processes based on cloud innovations. Select and migrate pertinent data (i.e. by Solution, Branch, Scope), and eventually retire legacy landscapes.

Test Management

Similar to solution documentation, selectively migrate relevant data and assess automation test case transfer options:

  • Moving from any Test automation tool to SAP S/4HANA Cloud: No transition required.

  • Moving from any Test Automation tool to SAP S/4HANA private or on-premises: New Test Case creation needed.

  • Moving from Tricentis Test automation with SAP Solution Manager migration: Migration option planned for 2025.

Change Control

Evaluate your current usage of Change Request Management (ChaRM) and explore the Change and Deployment Management alternatives offered by SAP Cloud ALM, however, there is no data migration provided yet:

  • If you are not using ChaRM: Change and Deployment Management in SAP Cloud ALM might be the option for you as this will improve your software logistics and help stabilise your environment. As setup on onboarding efforts are fairly low so this could be a quick win.

  • If you are using ChaRM: You need to understand what you do today in SAP Solution Manager and make yourself familiar with deployment management in SAP Cloud ALM and keep reviewing the roadmap check to wait until an option is available.

  • If you are using ChaRM in a regulated environment / complex landscapes: Follow the SAP Cloud ALM roadmap and wait until a functionality and best practices are available.


It is important to understand that for the monitoring and operation capability, there is no data migration available so configure desired capabilities, and gradually phase out SAP Solution Manager usage.

In summary, before starting the transition process start by adopting a structured approach and leveraging available resources and tools. The following steps can guide you through an effective transition process:

  • Prepare and learn about SAP Cloud ALM, using the documentation available.

  • Use the Readiness Check as a starting point and the transition methodology for SAP Cloud ALM.

  • Assess your as-is ALM footprint in SAP Solution Manager, which will help you estimate your to-be ALM process.

  • Get familiar with SAP Cloud ALM on your own tenant.

  • Evaluate service offerings from SAP or partners to your transition, remember that we are here to help you and ensure you get out most of this transition to make it easy to progress.

  • Plan your move – not as one big project, but as a step-by-step based approach.

Remember, the journey to SAP Cloud ALM is not just about adopting new technology but about transforming your ALM processes to be more efficient, agile, and cloud-ready. As you embark on this path, stay focused on the goals of improving operational efficiency and harnessing the full potential of your SAP solutions in the cloud environment.

Let us help you, the Cloud ALM Readiness Check allows us to run an analysis of your current functionalities in SAP Solution Manager and give you a bespoke journey to SAP Cloud ALM, free of charge!