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Gary Still12:05 PM on July 5, 20244 min read

SAP Signavio Value Accelerators: Fast-track your process transformation journey


Greetings once again as we continue to explore the fast-paced world of business process optimisation (BPO) and digital transformation.

We all know that business transformation is essential for organisations to remain competitive and thrive in the new digital era. But often the most difficult part is getting lift-off on that transformation journey, and trying to figure out where and how to start can seem to be just as challenging and time consuming as the transformation itself. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a leg up? With the new SAP Signavio Value Accelerator Library, you get just that.

Under normal circumstances you'd probably struggle to find the words 'library' and 'excitement' in the same sentence, but anyone who has a stake in their organisation's transformation, would be buoyed by what the library has to offer. There is already a wealth of discovery content, best practice recommendations and other assets available within the SAP Signavio Transformation Suite to help lay the groundwork for transformation, but none more practical than the value accelerator library, a comprehensive repository of ready-to-install value accelerators, comprised of pre-packaged business process templates, metrics and/or dashboards that you can leverage to help speed-up your transformation. Furthermore, it's conveniently accessible from the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub, the gateway to all things process related


Purpose and Benefits of the SAP Signavio Value Accelerator Library

The library is a comprehensive repository of ready-to-install value accelerators, designed to equip organisations with dependable & tested solutions based on SAP best practices. Because the accelerators are made up of pre-configured, out-of-the-box content, each includes easily accessible, digestible, customisable and actionable content. Instead of being stuck at the starting blocks, you can already be running at full speed down the track. Designed to support a wide variety of key roles in transformation, including process owners, business analysts, enterprise architects, transformation leads, and centres of excellence (CoE's), the library's pre-built value accelerators eliminate the inevitable convolution and time investment involved when having to start from scratch, enriching every phase of their contributions to the transformation journey.


Value Accelerator Library 1 v2


The SAP Signavio Value Accelerator Library contains over 80 ready-to-install accelerators and is growing all the time.

Access to the library is simple, as is understanding the purpose and content of each accelerator. The available accelerators to-date champion 2 core components of the SAP Signavio Transformation Suite, Process Manager and Process Intelligence, supporting all aspects of process management, process design and process analysis, from ready to use best practice BPMN process models, to pre-built analysis dashboards for KPI's across multiple process areas and lines of business (LoB's). Depending on the use case, assets also include capability maps, reference architectures and recommendations, all aimed towards supporting organisations in achieving their business objectives through transformation. Additionally, they are not just there to assist in full transformation programs such as a transition to S/4HANA, they can equally provide value in more localised initiatives, such as in the 'as-is' analysis of a particular process, in a particular region.

Perhaps you wish to optimise your Order to Cash (O2C) process. By simply installing the accelerator, you are instantly provided with a number of analyses and insights, from process variations and conformance, to important metrics and use cases such as automation rates (eg sales order creation), cycle times (eg sales order creation to delivery creation) and overdue or late document processing (eg late invoice payments or overdue AR open items). These can then be used to help determine if they are impacting your organisation's ability to hit, for instance, On Time Delivery (OTD) or Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) targets.


Value Accelerator Library 2 v2png


It is a source of inspiration, a catalyst for getting your transformation project off the ground.

This best practice pre-packaged content for S/4HANA implementations can also help accelerate your business process fit-to-standard and fit-gap workshops, as well as support the 'to-be' solution process design, build, test and deploy phases of an implementation using SAP Cloud ALM. It is of course no coincidence that the content of the value accelerators from SAP Signavio closely correspond to the solution scenarios in SAP Cloud ALM, identifiable by the same 3-digit codes (eg J58).


Synergies with best practice accelerator content from SAP Cloud ALM for consistent process design to solution design, build, test and deploy for implementations.

The example below illustrates the best practice content for 'SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition' accelerator, which after installation makes available hundreds of BPMN process models within SAP Signavio Process Manager. These can be leveraged as a basis for fit-to-standard and fit-gap business requirements gathering as part of the 'Explore' phase of the project (see our pillar page for SAP Activate methodology). The new 'to-be' process can then be designed from this base model and uploaded to SAP Cloud ALM for managing the configuration and testing of the changes as part of the 'Realise' phase. Using the accelerators in this way can considerably help reduce time and effort, whilst improving consistency and outcomes.


Value Accelerator Library 5-2


If you would like to know more about how SAP Signavio Value Accelerators can help kick-start your business transformation journey, get in touch with us today.