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Jose Cabrita9:00 AM on June 25, 20242 min read

Becoming an SAP Transformation Consultant at the Copenhagen SAP ALM Roadshow

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the SAP Cloud ALM Roadshow in Copenhagen, Denmark. This full-day event was packed with insightful sessions covering the latest updates and capabilities of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, particularly SAP Cloud ALM.

The roadshow kicked off with an overview of SAP's ALM strategy and vision, highlighting the importance of having a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing the entire lifecycle of SAP applications. We learned about the key pillars of SAP Cloud ALM, including implementation, operations, change and deploy management, and test management.

Throughout the day, we dove deep into various topics, such as:

  • Leveraging SAP Cloud ALM for S/4HANA Cloud Implementation
  • Streamlining Operations with full-stack monitoring and automation (including SAP Focused Run)
  • Managing changes and deployments across hybrid landscapes
  • Enhancing testing efficiency with integrated test management capabilities (i.e., Tricentis)


One of the highlights was the demo showcasing the seamless integration between SAP Cloud ALM and other SAP solutions, such as SAP Integration Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud. It was impressive to see how these tools work together to provide a unified and comprehensive ALM experience.

But the day didn't end there. After the informative sessions, we were presented with an exciting opportunity, which was taking the SAP Transformation Consultant assessment exam. This exam is designed to validate our knowledge and skills in leveraging SAP Cloud ALM to drive successful digital transformations.

The assessment covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • SAP Activate methodology and best practices
  • Requirement management and process modelling
  • Test Management and defect tracking
  • Change and Deployment management
  • Integration with other tools

While the exam was challenging, the knowledge gained before and during the roadshow session was key in preparing for it. After a few hours of intense focus, I'm thrilled to share that I successfully passed the assessment and obtained the SAP Transformation Consultant certification.

This achievement not only recognises my expertise in SAP Cloud ALM but also further strengthens Rapid X's capabilities as providers of SAP ALM solutions and experts in SAP digital transformation projects (we now have the majority of our ALM consultants certified in SAP Transformation (with the aim of achieving 100% coverage before year-end). As always, we are dedicated to helping our customers unlock the full potential of their SAP landscapes and look forward to helping them migrate to the new world of SAP Cloud ALM.


Overall, the SAP Cloud ALM Roadshow in Copenhagen was an enriching experience. It provided a comprehensive overview of SAP's ALM solutions, practical insights from experts, and a chance to validate my knowledge through the certification exam. I'm excited to apply what I have learned and continue exploring the ever-evolving world of Application Lifecycle Management with SAP.